The House and Everything in it
Michael Graves Design is a one-of-a-kind consumer brand intent on delivering Delight For All.

Design for All

Modern Functional Designs

In 1997, Target paid to restore the Washington Monument and hired Michael Graves to design the scaffolding for the project. During a lunch meeting, Target’s Vice President of Home Merchandising posed a question to Michael. “Would you like to do some products for Target?” Michael immediately replied, “I would love to bring design to people at better value. To democratize it.” Target’s ultra-successful Design for All strategy was born, our products were branded Michael Graves Design, and our business was transformed. Michael Graves Design became the company who made the really cool products in the light blue box that always drove customers back into the stores to see what was new. Since then, Michael Graves Design has been sold at retailers including Target, HomeGoods, Williams Sonoma, HSN and countless others. And now, it’s also available right here at