Delight for All

Mission and Values

Michael Graves Design is a one-of-a-kind consumer brand intent on delivering Delight For All. While there are many companies that utilize design in their business strategy, our company is made up of, run by and owned by designers.

Michael Graves Design is committed to enhancing people’s lives by offering everyday products that are:


de·light·ful, adjective /dəˈlītfəl/

: unique and make people smile


pur·pose·ful , adjective /ˈpərpəsfəl/

: inclusive, understandable and function flawlessly


pi·o·neer·ing , adjective /ˌpīəˈniriNG/

: address previously unmet consumer needs


ex·traor·di·nar·y , adjective /ikˈstrôrd(ə)nˌerē,ˌekstrəˈôrdnˌerē/

: exceed people’s expectations by focusing on even the smallest design details


Starting in 1964, Michael Graves envisioned a world where the person was at the center of design, and he founded our company to focus the power of design on improving people’s lives. He believed that through creativity, meticulousness, and determination, the world (from the scale of the city down to an object in your hand) would become a better place for people to live, work, learn and play.

Business Model

The Michael Graves Design partnership-based business model has allowed us to leverage the might and scale of our large corporate partners to make an outsized impact through the design. This is how our little company developed such a meaningful consumer brand.


Ask any designer, she’ll tell you that every project starts by asking questions with a goal of assessing the assumptions of all stakeholders (endusers, designers, manufacturers, marketers, etc). As a result, essential to good design is honesty and authenticity, which is inherent to the Michael Graves Design consumer brand. And that is why we will never pretend we are something other than ourselves.

Next Chapter

This website,, marks a new chapter for our company. Along with our new social media channels, we now have direct communication with Michael Graves Design consumers. We look forward to sharing our insights and receiving your feedback.

New Model

For us, this website also marks the first time we are manufacturing and selling products without a partner. Since all you should care about is finding great products that enhance your life, this change shouldn’t be meaningful for you. But for us, it’s both exciting and scary. For the first time, we’re manufacturing products ourselves and they’re available here for purchase. We’re also continuing with our partnership-based business model, so we can continue to bring great design for all at scale.

Ever evolving

As a result, you’ll see products on that you can click and buy. And we hope you will. You will also see products that you can click to buy on a partner’s website. We hope you will. You will also see products that we can only direct you to look for them at certain brick and mortar stores. We hope you will, and we will always work to make your purchasing experience as easy as possible. You will also see products from our 2,500-item design archive that are currently unavailable. In the Design For All section of, you’re able to vote for retired products that should be brought back to the market. We hope you will, because if we know there is interest in certain products, we’ll have them made and make them available here.