Fast Company
The legendary design firm that made Target a star is introducing a new line of products for CVS

If I were to ask you right now when you plan to buy a new iPhone, television, or living room sofa, you’d probably have a solid ballpark estimate for each of them, ranging from a few months to maybe a decade. But if I were to...

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CVS Introduces New Line Of ‘Functional And Stylish’ Home Health Products That Makes Everyday Life More Accessible For Aging Adults And Disabled People

Drugstore giant CVS Pharmacy announced this week via press release the introduction of six home health care products developed in collaboration with Michael Graves Design. The modernized collection was developed for...

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Michael Graves Design and CVS Made the Next Generation of Canes and Walkers

If you’re shopping for new furniture or clothing, chances are you’ll be able to buy something that expresses who you are, does its job well, and will make you feel excited to own. That isn’t the case for “durable medical equipment...

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Harvard Business Review
Innovating Through Design

Everyone by now has seen the whimsical cone-shaped kettle with the little plastic birdie affixed to its spout, designed by the architect Michael Graves. Since its introduction in 1985 by Alessi...

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The New York Times
Michael Graves on Objects He Designs for Target, and Himself

Michael Graves may be one of the most prolific designers of our time. The Indianapolis native founded Michael Graves & Associates in Princeton, N.J., in 1964, and has designed more than 350 buildings around...

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Fast Company
Michael Graves Design built a $1 billion housewares business. Now it’s back for more

In 1997, a train ran late. The architectural firm Michael Graves Design (MGD) was in Washington, D.C., working on a restoration of the Washington Monument. Target executives were in town while planning...

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US Open tennis courts spruced up with furniture by Michael Graves' studio

American studio Michael Graves Architecture & Design has created new seats for players, umpires and line judges at the US Open Tennis Championships, which begin this coming week in Queens, New York...

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Orlando Sentinel
Late designer’s quest to elevate the ordinary lives in new kitchenware line

All journalistic objectivity aside, I’m going to come right out and say, my favorite designer of all time is Michael Graves. Hands down. No qualifiers. No apologies. The Princeton-based architect...

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7 Quotes on Living Well from Michael Graves

Michael Graves is credited with broadening the role of the architect in society and raising public interest in good design as essential to the quality of everyday life. He has displayed his talents not only as an architect...

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CBS NEWS Sunday Morning
​A tea kettle design that's spot-on

Whistling tea kettles have been letting off steam for at least a hundred years, and for Donald Strum, that's music to his ears. "It's primal," he told CBS News' Susan Spencer, "to be able to put something on a stove...

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