Design Feature: Michael Graves Design Gooseneck Lamp for Target

Old Gooseneck Lamp Designs

We are shining a spotlight on our task light as it still holds a lot of interest for us. Designed in 2004, we sought to develop a new omni-directional adjustable desk lamp building on the functionality of the ubiquitous gooseneck lamps of the 1970's and 80's. 

Where We Started

As with every project, when we started to design our gooseneck lamp, we asked ourselves what could we do to breathe life into such a mundane lighting platform?

 We knew the standard gooseneck mechanism looked common and overused. We also felt the attachments of the base and shades seemed crude and cobbled together.

Final Gooseneck lamp for Target

Photo Credit: George Kopp

Our Design

For our lamp, from base to shade, we designed it to be balanced, and flowing, with flush sculptural transitions.

The main innovation was to cover the gooseneck apparatus in a highly maneuverable, non-kinking smooth silicone sleeve.

 The on/off switch design is simply a highly visible bright orange button with a raised bezel, that was hard to miss.

 The bright white color of the rest of the fixture help to anchor the lamp with modernist tendencies allowing it to fit in a range of environments. Keeping the silicone attached and in place was a Design For Manufacture accomplishment that made the $19.99 retail price even more incredible!

The Michael Graves Design Gooseneck Lamp for Target embodies our Delight For All mission.