Elevate Your Outdoor Oasis: Unveiling the YAAZ and Michael Graves Design Furniture Collection

YAAZ X MGD Folding Chairs

Michael Graves Design has partnered with the lifestyle brand YAAZ to create a collection of outdoor furniture for the hospitality and luxury residential furniture markets. The initial collection consists of a stacking chair, a folding chair, and a folding table.

YAAZ, an outdoor living brand based in Adana, Turkey, with showrooms in Istanbul and New Jersey, processes aluminum, wood, plastics, and textiles with sophisticated craftsmanship worthy of luxury channels.

This initial collection expresses the YAAZ brand principles: focus on design, attention
to detail, high precision, and meticulousness to create useful, delightful objects that improve people’s lives.

Folding Chair

Evocative of luxurious travel and a bygone era, our new folding chair is inspired by historic campaign furniture. Made of aluminum, the chair is lightweight and exudes high quality. The legs and armrests are each triangular in section, with flared armrests for enhanced comfort. The folding chair features a comfortable, quilted, cushioned sling seat that provides visual structure, while the seat back is an open basketweave made of Sunbrella textiles. The folding chair is available in a range of colors with optional integrated accessories including side tables, sun canopy and torchieres.

YAAZ Folding Chair

Stacking Chair

Inspired by the bucket seats of a classic, luxury roadster, the Stacking Chair balances nostalgia with the freshness of contemporary design. Easily stackable and simple in its construction, the Stacking Chair with its padded seat cushion is comfortable, aesthetically appealing, and stores extremely efficiently. The stacking chair is woven around a supporting aluminum frame where an essential load-bearing structure is provided by the legs. Available in a range of colors and colorways, the Stacking Chair has limitless potential within the hospitality and residential sectors.

Stacking Chair


Folding Table

A completely novel folding table mechanism, the Folding Table features an exceptional wooden tabletop, efficient storage, unlimited nesting and enhanced tabletop stability. For storage, you simply twist the tabletop 90-degrees, allowing the Upper Support Arm to rotate and align with the Lower Support Arm. Once aligned, the table can tilt down parallel to the column, where they nest tightly together. To set the table for use, you tilt the table to be parallel to the ground and then twist it 90-degrees to lock it into place. Novel and efficient, the Folding Table is a showstopper begging the question, why hasn’t anyone made a folding table like this before? Available in a range of colors and with multiple tabletops, The Folding Table is perfect for all outdoor settings.

Folding Table