Fall Prevention This Fall: "Tips" for Slips

Featured Above: MGD X-Tip

Fall prevention is so important. It is always good to prepare for potential fall risks.

Some tips:

  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Work on your balance and ability to "fall safely"
  • Avoid unclear areas

Now that you know a few tips, read on to learn about Michael Graves Design’s  favorite “tips”!

Here at Michael Graves Design we make safety a top priority. That’s why we design our cane tips with that in mind. We offer two different kinds of tips so that your cane can adapt to your daily activities: Slim Tip and X-Tip. 

The Slim Tip* provides an ultra slim profile. The X-Tip* provides self-standing functionality on flat surfaces. Michael Graves Design canes are designed so the tips are easily removed, replaced, and reattached without the use of any tools. That’s almost unheard of in the cane world. 

Remember, all cane tips wear out with use, which is why we offer replacement tips. Additionally, express yourself by mixing and matching colors! 

 A helpful “tip” – to remove your cane tip, grasp the tip with your hand or between your feet and pull firmly and carefully. Voila

To attach a new tip, align the tip to the cane’s bottom post so the grooves in the post line up with the internal ridges inside the tip. Press the tip on until it is fully covering the bottom post. Tada! 

The Slim Tip and X-Tip fit the Michael Graves Design Quick Fold Cane and the Michael Graves Design C-Grip Cane. 

*These tips do not fit on any other canes. 2 easy swap tips included with cane purchase.


2 Easy-Swap Tips Included. Order 1 More for Indoors!