How Does a Bread Box Work?

If you’re of a certain age, you might remember a “bread box” that your mom or grandmom kept on the counter to store their bread in. Bread boxes have since become more commonly featured on period television programs than found in modern kitchens, but believe it or not, they are making a comeback.

And there’s a very good reason why bread boxes are coming back. It’s because they work! 

In this post, we’ll look at how a bread box works and why you need to rethink your kitchen design to include this remarkably effective old fashioned storage solution.

How Does a Bread Box Keep Bread Fresh?

Bread boxes are basic in their design, but their results are nearly magical. Here’s how they work:

A bread box allows the bread to be stored at room temperature, which is important because if you store your bread in the refrigerator, then the cooler environment in the fridge will cause the bread to dry out quicker. Conversely, storing your bread in a cabinet can result in it being kept in too warm an environment, and this is conducive to quicker mold growth. 

A bread box is also unique in that it usually has some form of ventilation built in, usually in the form of tiny holes or thin slats. The ventilation is an important feature because it allows condensation to leave, thus helping to reduce the risk of mold growth. The bread box’s ventilation system allows enough air in to remove condensation, but not enough for the bread to be exposed to stale-bread-inducing elements in the air. Thus, it allows the bread to retain its plush texture for as long as possible.

Bread Box

Why You Need a Bread Box in Your Kitchen

We are reaching a point in our society where everything old is becoming new again. Bakers are returning to the old ways of baking bread, hence the multitude of artisan bread shops popping up in every city in the country. These old recipes do not include things like preservatives, artificial flavors, and other ingredients designed to make a loaf of bread last for three months. Artisan bread is made to be enjoyed, but because it doesn’t contain preservatives, it can become stale relatively quickly. By storing this type of bread in a bread box, you will be able to extend your enjoyment of it, which is important because artisan bread isn’t cheap!

Another reason you should have a bread box is if you’re like many others, during the pandemic you probably took up home baking. From baking bread and cakes to cupcakes and more, baking at home was such a national craze that it was near impossible to find flour at the local grocery store. Having a bread box will allow you to store your creations and help them last longer, so you can enjoy every delicious bite of your hard work. 

And did you know that a bread box doesn’t have to be used just for bread? This ingenious device can keep just about any type of baked good fresher longer, even pastries!

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