Michael Graves Design Launches New Kitchenware Collection!

Michael Graves Design is pleased to announce the launch of a new collection of kitchenware products for the Michael Graves Design consumer brand. The initial assortment, which totals about 100 items, includes kitchen gadgets, kitchen organization, food storage, pantryware, bakeware, barware and waste bins.


    Kitchenware items

Kitchenware items

Kitchenware items

We’re focused on providing value laden products that exceed expectations everywhere consumers are shopping, and therefore these products are available across retail channels, starting with big-box stores, off price retailers, department stores, and e-commerce.

Along with this new collection, Michael Graves Design has updated its iconic branded elements including a new logo, packaging design and color palette, each rooted in our brand history, yet updated for today’s marketplace. 


Earlier Michael Graves Design packaging designs



Ben Wintner, Managing Principal of Michael Graves Design said, “a major goal of the new collection is to appeal to longtime fans of Michael Graves Design, as well as to younger shoppers looking for fairly priced products with clean lines and unexpected details that spark joy. We have been told many stories from young people who discovered the power of design while shopping our collections at Target with their parents when they were kids.” As a result, we know that our brand, and more importantly our products, resonate with consumers of all ages. Our target consumers are people who love products that work well, are aesthetically interesting, make them smile and enhance their lives.

Shop for the collection at your favorite home stores and online at MichaelGravesDesign.com


About Michael Graves Design

The Michael Graves Design consumer brand exists to create moments of joy that enhance people's lives by offering products that are delightful, purposeful, pioneering, and extraordinary. As the first design brand to partner with Target, Michael Graves Design is famous for pioneering the Design for All movement and is credited with establishing America’s expectation that great design should be available to everyone. To date, Michael Graves Design has sold more than $1 billion at retail. Michael Graves Design makes the world a more enjoyable place to live, work, learn and play. For further information, visit MichaelGravesDesign.com.


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