Michael Graves Design Monthly Delight Feature: Meet Jane

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This month we welcomed Jane to our Monthly Delight Q&A Blog! Read on to find out more about her story and what led her to Michael Graves Design.

Tell us about yourself, what’s your story?

I’m originally from the Midwest..  I was married , raised four kids,  was involved in all sorts of Community Service work (i.e.. Brownie Leader, School Volunteer,  sat on Community Boards,  did fundraising for many NFP’s.  After divorcing (many years ago)  I taught a course based on the work of Barbara Sher about helping people to “Do What You Love.”  Because of that,  I became a Re-Designer helping people update their Home Decor and even their Wardrobe if needed.  If you asked what my passions are I would say Peace, Politics, Preservation,  Interior Design, Public Service, The Arts and Rock & Roll. 

I also enjoy Country Music Saturdays and Symphonic Sundays.  I mention that so you don’t think I’m stuck in the music of my youth. 

What is one thing you’d like our readers to know? 

The importance of Doing What You Love … even in some small way .. to keep one’s life in balance. Then be sure to do for others in some way shape or form.

What led you to MGD?

My daughter gifted me with my 1st Quick MGD cane in a unique shade of Blue. Then I lost it and had a heck of a time replacing it because I kept looking for it under the wrong Designers name! I didn’t have one to photograph (in order to do a Google Search” and I didn’t want to ask my daughter for it as I didn’t want to admit I’d lost it! I just wanted another one … fast. Meanwhile I had to go back to using my cheap (Daiso - Japanese Dollar Store) canes. I had a ton of them in different (ugly) designs. I don’t need the assistance of a cane 100%  of the time. I live in a 4 level Town House. If you use “Cheater” Glasses sometimes you might know the problem. They are somewhere in your dwelling but never where you are when you need them! 

I finally saw the name Michael Graves somewhere and immediately remembered he was the Designer of that cane!!! I ordered my 2nd MGD cane from your site and waited patiently for it’s arrival. Once here immediately wrote my phone number on it (in small print) with a Silver Indelible Marker.

Then… 4 days before a trip… I lost it. I figured I’d left it at a Music Venue... remember,  I don’t always need it so I didn’t notice I’d lost it till the next day. I tried contacting the Venue but to no avail. So, I went to the Michael Graves site… found a Contact Number and began my friendly relationship with Ben.   

What do you love most about the company Michael Graves Design?  


Well, I will explain by continuing my story.

I was heading out on a long trip in 3 days. First to Washington DC and then on to Michigan.

I was traveling by air and didn’t want to deal with my “unbendable” Dollar Store cane.  

Ben was the person to answer my call and was able to get a cane to me the next day!!!!!  He mentioned it might be “Open Box” as it was not being sent out from the regular location but I sure didn’t care. 

That 3rd MGD cane arrived right on time!!!  I could then easily travel and merely fold up the cane when in a Car or on  the Plane!

Then I remembered that I actually use two canes at night (for those darn middle of the night bathroom trips)!  But I was leaving early the next day.

So, of course I called Ben and he was kind enough to send a 4th cane to me at my Michigan destination.  It arrived before I did and sure made for extra comfort during my stay.

What does the Michael Graves Design canes bring to the table that others were lacking?

I’ve never used any other brand of folding cane.  But I’ve noticed they all have a little black band of some sort to keep it together when folded.  Yuk.  That’s ugly and pesky.

Yours folds and magnetizes shut.  No band needed.

Plus, there’s an adjustable Wrist Band.  Very convenient!

Not to mention that the color I have takes the cane out of the more traditional Medicinal looking styles.

It’s a great improvement over my spindly little Dollar Store canes.

Which color cane is your favorite?

The Blue as mentioned. But I think an Olive Green and also an Olive Green “Camo” style would be cool. It would look good with Orange accents (where the yellow/gold is on the Blue Cane). Maybe even a fun leopard print … which is now popular in other colorways too.