Michael Graves Design Monthly Delight Feature: Meet Megan

Banner image with photos of Megan dancing on beach, doing yoga, and sitting on stairs

Today we welcome Megan to our Q&A Blog with Michael Graves Design. We first got acquainted with Megan when we came across an unboxing video on her IG story of our peppercorn black Quick Fold Cane! Megan is spotlighted for our Monthly Delight Feature, read on to find out more about her story.

Tell us about yourself, what’s your story?

I am Megan Evans, founder and creator of The MS Stage and The MS Stage Method. I, myself, have been living well with Multiple Sclerosis for almost two decades now. I was diagnosed at just 24 years old. After noticing  a gap in the support community around MS,  I began to create mindfulness practices through meditation, movement, and sharing stories that helped me on my journey and have now been proven to help others shift their mindsets around theirs. It was ultimately through my love of theater and dance that The MS Stage, my 12-week online program, was born.

As an empowerment coach, I help women around the world with MS become friends with their symptoms through a totally modern, creative and mindful approach. Ultimately, the program helps women return to their true essence and gain calm, confidence and joy in their lives again. 

What is one thing you’d like our readers to know? 

That anything is in fact possible! Our bodies are our own best healers, and as our thoughts create our reality, you really can empower yourself to create newness in your life. 

What led you to MGD?

My cane always falls over when I go out to dinner, and I try to prop it up against a wall. I saw something on Instagram about the canes. I loved how functional yet stylish they looked.

What do you love most about the company Michael Graves Design?

Your thought process. You really have made accessibility not only look good but made the process of using a cane simple with no fuss. By doing so, you bring confidence back to people’s fingertips. 

If you use one of our canes, which do you use? The C-Grip Cane or the Quick-Fold?

The Quick Fold is the one I was most interested in for its ease of use. It is truly a win/win smart design. 

What do the Michael Graves Design canes bring to the table that others were lacking?

Function, Ease, and Style. As a former personal wardrobe stylist and someone who still loves to travel, these are incredibly important elements for me. I can easily put the quick fold in my backpack on the airplane and also fold it and hang it from a dinner table. I also love the muted colors that work with every outfit, but still have a clean and sleek look. 

Which color cane is your favorite?

I bought the black to go with my black Cionic Neural sleeve, which I started wearing recently, and to go with everything really. I also have my eye on  the sage green. 

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IG: @themsstage

Website: themsstage.com