Michael Graves Design was featured at COOPER HEWITT’s “ACCESS+ABILITY” Exhibition



Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum selected several Michael Graves Design products for its “Access+Ability” exhibition. Installed in the museum’s first floor Process Galleries, predecessors to the canes now available for purchase on MichaelGravesDesign.com were on display, along with our Prime TC Transport Wheelchair and bath safety products designed by Michael Graves Design. Each design showcases MGD’s commitment to accessible design, and exemplifies our passion to design products that look better, work better and reinforce people’s self identity. As designers, our job calls for us to look at the world, find areas that are not working optimally, and improve upon them. We think the “Access+Ability” exhibition shined a spotlight on the tremendous improvement designers are making in the lives of people of all abilities. Michael Graves was a passionate advocate for the disabled. We are very proud of the products in this exhibition and our ability to continue Michael’s legacy.

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Opened Date: December 15, 2017
Closed Date: September 3, 2018


Cooper Hewitt
2 East 91st Street at Fifth Avenue
New York City

About “ACCESS+ABILITY” Exhibition

Providing a major platform for the growing movement toward accessibility and inclusive design, Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum presents products, projects and services developed by and with people with disabilities—physical, cognitive and sensory—that expand their ability to lead independent lives and engage more fully in the world. On view Dec. 15 through Sept. 3, 2018, the “Access+Ability” exhibition features more than 70 works, from adaptive clothing and eating implements that assist with daily routines to apps and “smart” technologies that aid in social interactions and navigating the environment.

About Cooper Hewitt

Founded in 1897, Cooper Hewitt is the only museum in the United States devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design. Housed in the renovated and restored Carnegie Mansion, Cooper Hewitt showcases one of the most diverse and comprehensive collections of design works in existence. The museum’s restoration, modernization and expansion has won numerous awards and honors, including a Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award from the New York Landmarks Conservancy, a Gold Pencil Award for Best in Responsive Environments and LEED Silver certification. Cooper Hewitt offers a full range of interactive capabilities and immersive creative experiences, including the Cooper Hewitt Pen that allows visitors to “collect” and “save” objects from around the galleries, the opportunity to explore the collection digitally on ultra-high-definition touch-screen tables, and draw and project their own wallpaper designs in the Immersion Room.

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About Michael Graves Design

The Michael Graves Design consumer brand exists to create moments of joy that enhance people's lives by offering products that are delightful, purposeful, pioneering, and extraordinary. As the first design brand to partner with Target, Michael Graves Design is famous for pioneering the Design for All movement and is credited with establishing America’s expectation that great design should be available to everyone. To date, Michael Graves Design has sold more than $1 billion at retail. Michael Graves Design makes the world a more enjoyable place to live, work, learn and play. For further information, visit MichaelGravesDesign.com.