Monthly Delight: Michael Graves Design Annual Savings Event!

Annual Sale

This month for our monthly delight we are excited to be back with our Michael Graves Design Annual Savings Event! 

Save 20% on Safety & Style with Michael Graves Design Annual Sale on Personal Accessories* 

Michael Graves Design is blending comfort & safety with the highly anticipated Mobility Accessories, the Quick Fold Cane and the C-Grip Cane. Choose between a wide range of vibrant colors to get a cane that breaks all stereotypes!

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Here’s a little bit about each mobility aid:

The C-Grip

We spent a lot of time with the geometry of the C-Grip. The C-Grip provides comfort. It is wider and flatter with a lower extension.

The C-Grip is better for all day use and more comfortable! Because of the wider grip and unique C-Grip of the handle, it facilitates “two-handed” standing for double the leverage.

The C-Grip cane proves that people can expect style, safety, and value in the home healthcare category.

The Quick Fold

Our Quick Fold has the quickest fold in the land. No other cane on the market folds this fast, this easily or stores this neatly together. It even folds in both directions of the handle for unique functionality.

Our unique design contains internal magnets* that keep the Quick Fold cane folded and easily stored. It’s simply magical! 

Our Quick Fold mobility aid is highly iconic with its square pole profile and sophisticated color palette. These provide a distinct design to navigate the world in just the right way.

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*Canes Only. Valid 10/1/23 - 10/8/23

Use Code: Delightforall