Rob Van Varick: One of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business 2022

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Rob Van Varick, Chief Design Officer of Michael Graves Design has been named to Fast Company’s list of “Most Creative People In Business” for 2022. With MGD since 2003, this recognition is tied to the tireless work Rob and the entire team at Michael Graves have done for the past 20 years to improve design in the world of healthcare, accessibility and aging. 

Michael Graves Design, including Chief Design Officer Rob Van Varick, approached CVS with the idea of designing better home healthcare products. In February 2022 MGD launched a co-branded collection of innovative accessibility products available exclusively at CVS pharmacies and on

Michael Graves Design led the project to design and develop the assortment aiming to empower people to live independently and feel great about themselves. Additionally, the project makes strides towards changing stigmas connected to both aging and disability. CVS Health X Michael Graves has carved out a pioneering space that allows them to be different, compelling, and a true destination as compared to CVS competition. CVS has seen improved sales velocity and economic performance of this category and, for the first time, introduced brand storytelling into the category.

These products include:

Comfort Grip Cane

The Comfort Grip Cane is a great tool for the person on the go who needs a little help walking around. The cane is lightweight and durable and the crescent “C” shaped handle provides better support. The innovative C-Grip is very comfortable, helps you stand up from a seated position and can free up an extra hand in multiple ways.  The push button makes it easy and simple to adjust the height of the cane. The height can adjust between 28 to 38 inches (which fits most people 4’ 8” to 6’ 4”). There are two interchangeable feet included with this cane: a standard cane tip and a quad foot. The feet are easy to change based on your daily activities. This cane will be your new personal accessory that you’ll be proud to use because it reflects your individual style while still being ergonomic and comfortable. The cane has a  weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Take Along™ Folding Cane

The Take Along™ Folding Cane is a great tool for the person on the go who needs a little help walking around. With a simple folding mechanism, this cane folds up quickly making it convenient to store or put into a bag when it is not needed. Magnets secure the cane in place when folded, making it easy to manage when not in use. The cane comes with a push button for easy adjusting. The height can adjust between 30.5 to 37.5 inches (which fits most people 5’1” to 6’3”). There are two interchangeable feet included with this cane: a standard cane tip and a self-standing x-tip. The feet are easy to change based on your daily activities. This cane is designed for ergonomic comfort and style with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Easy Fold Travel Walker

Designed to improve user experience, our walker features an innovative Active Angle grip. While most walker grips are parallel to the ground, these grips angle down towards the front to help improve posture and wrist comfort. Its unique center column chassis looks cool, and also facilitates easier fold, better balanced carry and easier storage, while also creating greater clearance for transfers and table access. Its integrated brakes help with stability when using wheels and it is easier & more efficient to adjust the height. Happily, our Premium Quality Feet allow users to ditch the yellow tennis balls, because these are contoured to glide across surfaces. When you lean on the walker a rubber foot emerges and securely grips the ground

3-in-1 Comfort Commode

Designed to look like furniture instead of medical equipment, the commode integrates with bedroom, living room and bathroom environments. User comfort and safety are on display with a wider, safer seating surface; movable, independent, reachable, adjustable, arm rests for transfers and body access; and a contoured comfort backrest for use outside of the bathroom. Seat cushion-inspired lid allows the commode to be used as a chair, while its hidden bucket is easy to empty, it is sturdier than existing options, and it features easy to wipe surfaces. Height adjustable from 16 to 21 inches, works with most round and elongated toilets, and features tool-free assembly.

Raised Toilet Seat

Designed with users and non-users in mind, this raised toilet seat was inspired by high-end Japanese toilets and features enhanced comfort and improved finishes and materials that integrate with the toilet and bathroom environment. Its novel quick locking mechanism is easy to connect and remove. Just press the button above each clamp pad to reach its fully extended position. Place the seat on the rim of the toilet, press the clamps in until they are firmly against the toilet. To remove, just press the buttons and stand it vertically when not in use.

Convertible Shower Chair and Stool

Designed to actually look like furniture, this luxurious bath accessory integrates with contemporary bathroom finishes and materials. Contoured comfortable seat & backrest wicks away water and features easy to wipe surfaces. Built-in retractable shower sprayer accessory provides flexibility, as does the removable backrest for use as a stool.



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