Slip Season: Slip Prevention During Winter Season

Ice season is upon us, that means it is also slip season. It is important to know how to walk safely in slippery weather and how to prevent falls. Below are some tips for slip season and for added support check out our Michael Graves Design Quick-Fold and C-Grip canes!

Clothing and Canes

Wear clothing that is a good accompaniment for cane usage. Make sure your gloves don’t slip when paired with your cane and also be aware of long or loose clothing or skirts that could get caught.

Avoid If Possible

The most obvious tip is to avoid ice if possible. It is much easier to stay on your feet if you can steer clear of all ice encounters!

Proper Footwear With Traction

Wear proper footwear! Now say it again. This is potentially the most important tip we can give you. If you need to wear fancy heels at an event, bring them with you. Wear your boots with traction outside.

Use Ice Grippers

Ice Grippers for the bottoms of your shoes are invaluable. They give you that extra added support in addition to the traction you hopefully already are wearing. Make sure they are easily removable as conditions change quickly.

Tread Lightly

Step lightly and shuffle if needed. 

Be Aware

As always, be aware of your surroundings. This is helpful in all situations but especially in circumventing a potential fall risk.

Stay Active

Keep up on your fitness. Being agile is a great way to prevent a fall as well as the seriousness of the aftermath if you are unable to prevent a fall.

Bring your Michael Graves Design Cane with You!

Easily bring your Quick Fold or C-Grip cane along with you for extra stability and support. You can quickly store your cane once you arrive safely to your destination. 

The holidays are upon us and we want everyone to stay safe out there!