Alessi X Virgil Abloh Tea Kettle

Virgil Abloh was a trained architect, fashion designer and became the Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection beginning in 2018. He was given access to Alessi’s full catalog and decided to collaborate on the best selling Michael Graves Design 9093 Whistling Bird Kettle. Alessi states that “with the 3909, Virgil Abloh Securities offers us an object in which the interplay of exquisitely American references becomes hyperbolic.

According to Alessi, the original 9093 kettle was “born out of Michael Graves' desire to bring ‘design made in the USA’ to life, the 9093 kettle has spanned four decades with the force of its decidedly pop language.” 

Donald Strum, President of Michael Graves Design, reminisces on Virgil Abloh and his decision to work with the kettle: 

“My very first project at the Michael Graves Design office was the 9093 Kettle. To say that I had the good fortune of collaborating with Michael on this iconic design is a major understatement. We worked shoulder to shoulder, and I always felt the joy that we had during the design phase came through in the object. While we were challenged with making water boil faster, our highest goal was making people smile during their daily morning ritual. Now 38 years later, I’m still building on Michael’s vision and design philosophy with new products that enhance people’s lives. When I was told that Virgil Abloh was given access to the full Alessi catalog and he chose our kettle, I was so thrilled. Virgil was a trained architect who like Michael understood the role of the architect in society should transcend the building. Virgil Abloh was a true pioneer and master. I love the color he chose for the kettle. It looks fantastic and it’s a palette that we would not have utilized. Mostly, I think he captured the original spirit of the bird whistle, yet he transformed it with the basketball player. Michael always implored his students and our staff to take the design brief and make it your own, and Virgil Abloh did so masterfully.”



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