The Alessi 9093/1 Kettle

The New Smaller Kettle

The Whistling Bird Teakettle by Michael Graves Design is presented in a new, smaller size and in two new colors, taken directly from the brand palette. Originally designed in the early 1980s, it has been a best seller for four decades, with  new versions  coming to market from time to time, but now in a smaller size for the first time. A true design icon, the Whistling BIrd Teakettle exists to create moments of joy that enhance people’s lives.  According to, the kettle is an object that has never ceased to amaze, intercepting consumer tastes the way only an icon can).

The 9093 Kettle 

The original full size 9093 kettle, with its bird-shaped whistle, is a true design icon and has been Alessi’s best selling product of all time. The Whistling Bird Teakettle is distinguished by its contrast of materials—conical, mirror-polished stainless-steel body and spout designed to boil water faster and blue plastic handle to communicate that its cooler to the touch, rivet details near the bottom and, of course, the iconic bird-shaped whistle that sings when your water has reached a boil leading to an inevitable smile. At once elegant and playful, the 9093 Whistling Bird Teakettle is made in Italy and can be used on any type of cooktop, including induction.

New Colorways

Or are they? Where do the new colorways come from? The blue kettle colors are a colorway that was in the archives, originally on the market in the 90’s along with a pewter finish.! The yellow color came from a collection we designed for Alessi called Euclid that included storage boxes, picnic tablewares, coffee carafes and more. Those colors used were yellow, green and red – the same colors in this new mini kettle.

Benefits Of A Smaller Kettle 

You may be wondering about the benefits of a smaller kettle. Downsizing is a trending concept; from tiny homes and van living to studio apartments with hot plates – for many, smaller and simpler is better. These smaller kettles, affectionately named 9093/1, accommodate these smaller spaces/stoves without sacrificing home design and style! 

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