How To Organize Your Kitchen & Maximize Space

If there is any room in the house that needs to be well-organized, it’s the kitchen. From preparing nightly meals for your family to entertaining guests on the weekend and holidays, the kitchen is the hub of activity. It needs to be clean and tidy, and its space maximized.

If you have been trying and failing to get your kitchen in order, here are some tips for how to organize your kitchen in a way that it will work for you. 

Sort and Toss

Before you can maximize your kitchen space, you first need to do a little housekeeping. This means taking everything out of your kitchen cabinets, sorting through everything, and tossing out the things you don’t need. From expired canned goods to plastic containers missing their lids to those extra spatulas, all this takes up valuable space and makes it impossible to stay organized. 

Decant Bulk Items

If you have bags of beans, boxes of pasta, or other bulk items filling up your pantry, store these items in plastic or glass sealed canisters instead. The drygoods will not only stay fresher longer, but you will also be able to store them more efficiently using less space.

Use a Drawer Organizer

With so many utensils, gadgets, and other kitchen tools filling your drawers, keeping them organized and easy to find can be challenging if you don’t have a system in place. Use a drawer organizer, so everything will have its own space. This way, when you need a specific item, you will know exactly where to find it. You’ll be so happy with the added efficiency this provides when you’re preparing and cooking meals.

Use Bins in the Fridge

The refrigerator can easily become disorganized if you aren’t careful. One way to ensure you know where to find what you’re looking for is to use fridge bins. Using fridge bins will also help ensure the refrigerator stays clean as they help prevent food items from being pushed to the back where they can easily be forgotten. Fridge bins are also dishwasher safe so keeping the fridge clean is much easier.

Hang Stemware

Stemware takes up a lot of space in your cabinets, and these glasses are also very delicate and break easily. Installing a simple stemware rack under a cabinet gives your wineglasses a safe storage space and opens room in your cabinets for your daily use drinkware.

Use a Magnetic Knife Bar

The old-fashioned knife block not only takes up a lot of counter space, but studies show that knife blocks aren’t the most sanitary way to store your knives. Instead, use a magnetic knife bar and your knives will be off the counter, easier to access, and more sanitary. Alternatively, consider in drawer storage caddies and blade covers to keep your knives safely out of the way.

Install a Hanging Pot Rack

The shape and size of pots and pans makes them hard to store efficiently inside a cabinet. Installing a hanging pot rack can serve many purposes, from giving your pots and pans a home to opening a lot of cabinet space to making your kitchen look more like a professional chef’s kitchen. 

Install a Kitchen Island

If your kitchen lacks counterspace, but has ample floorspace, using a built in kitchen island, or one on wheels, is a great way to improve your food prep and storage options. 

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