Unwrapping Joy: Your Monthly Delight Inclusive Gift Guide by Michael Graves Design

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Welcome, delightful readers, to our digital space where creativity meets functionality, and every month brings a new reason to celebrate. 

In this ever-evolving world of design and innovation, we believe that gifting should be an art, an expression of thoughtfulness that transcends boundaries.

We are thrilled to present the "Monthly Delight Inclusive Gift Guide" by the passionate team at Michael Graves Design. Read on or click a link below to get started!

Gifts For All!

Gift Recommendations From The Michael Graves Design Team

Gift Recommendations From The Michael Graves Design Community


Gifts For All!



First up we have the Kinto-USA Travel Tumbler. It’s really easy to fill, clean and the mouth spout feels really good. Great for humans of all ages and abilities. 


Up next We have the Moscardino by Alessi. This original, little piece is great for kids and adults. Has subtle, built-in flexibility. Making it useful for many people who struggle with typical forks/spoons. A really beautiful product. 

Virgil Abloh Kettle
The 3909 Virgil Abloh Teakettle is a must-have! Given access to the entire Alessi portfolio, Virgil Abloh selected the Michael Graves Design Whistling Bird Teakettle for his collab with Alessi.

Grand Tour Black Watch

The Grand Tour Black Watch from Projects Watches is great for travel or keeping track of loved ones in different time zones. High contrast. Looks great! Conversation starter.


Quick Fold Canes


The easily-adjustable Quick Fold Cane is the perfect addition to your collection this holiday season! Perfect for those holiday traveling days!

Evo Oil Spray Bottle


The EVO 18 Ounce Reusable Oil Sprayer is being used by professional commercial chefs everywhere, making it the perfect addition to your kitchen!

All features/benefits summarized here!

The Dohm Sound Machine

Sleep hygiene is so important to physical and mental health. The Dohm from Yogasleep enables sounder sleep and enhances decor with the grey, pink and blue options. 

Read more about the Dohm here!

BBQ Temperature Control Kit

The Ultra Q BBQ Temperature Control is an essential gift for any backyard griller. 

Read more about the project here!

Alessi X MGD Timer Blue

The Michael Graves Design X Alessi Kitchen Timer is wonderfully analog and a must-have for any kitchen! So you’ll always know to be at the oven on time when your casserole is ready or at the stove, when your pasta is perfectly "al dente"!

1000 Design Classics

Don’t forget about the gift guide for our gift guide! The “1000 Design Classics”, as featured in the Wall Street Journal, is perfect for design-lovers everywhere!


C-Grip Cane


The C-Grip cane proves that people can expect style, safety, and value in the home healthcare category. It also comes in four delightful colors!

Aesop Post Shave Lotion Bottle

The Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion is a unisex hydrator boosted with botanical oils that lightly hydrate and balance skin and it’s just what you need to keep you smelling great this holiday season! 

A Holiday Tip: Mix the Aesop Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion with the Aesop Avail Facial Lotion for Sun protection!

Cantilever Table Light

Don’t forget to check out the Cantilever Table Light by Louis Filosa. This is a simple yet whimsical table light that adds a touch of off-kilter fun to any room with its spherical, off-center design!

Fun Fact: This light was designed by a former Michael Graves designer!

The Ridge Wallet

The Ridge is a minimalist, RFID-blocking wallet. It is minimalist without being limiting! Once you become a front pocket wallet user, the ridge is the best and if you aren’t one yet you will be!

The Enameled Wilson Keyring

The Enameled Wilson Keyring by Craighill is subtle design moves, understated, and highly functional. 


Gift Recommendations From The Michael Graves Design Team

In this section enjoy some wonderful must-have gift ideas from our team members for their favorite hobbies and activities!

Donald's Favorites!

Favorite gift ideas, curated by our President, Donald Strum, with a keen eye for artistry and functionality!


Scissor Set


The William Whiteley and Sons Scissor Set are best scissors I have ever held in my hands.  They exude quality and will be the only scissors you will ever want to use.

An ultra-sleek gift set, featuring a pair of 6″ Household Scissors, a pair of 9″ Shears and a pair of Threadclips, all coated in there super glossy, Noir (black) teflon coating.

The ultra opaque, ultra shiny Noir coating not only offers a striking appearance but also provides a super-tough coating, enhancing the longevity of the scissors, shears and threadclips.

 Ideal for dressmakers, sewers, crafters or anybody who is generally creative, this is the perfect set for someone to get started on their next project.

 The Wilkinson Noir Gift Set is packaged in their signature gift box, complete with gold foil detail, making for an impressive gift.

 Optional bespoke laser engraving is also available for the 6″ Household Scissors and the 9″ shears, adding another dimension to an already exquisite gift (or treat to yourself!).


Mini Pump


The Flextail Tiny Pump is a small handy 3-n-1 giant right in your pocket.

If you have kids, air mattresses, inflatables, and vacuum bags this is the most convenient product.  As the smallest 3-in-1 waterproof outdoor pump, TINY PUMP 2X measures 1.8*1.7*2.3 in, and weighs only 96g, as small as your AirPods pro. Slipping this little rechargeable tool into your pocket means you have an air pump, a vacuum pump, and a camping lantern. You can use this mini tool for multiple purposes.


round Wall hook


I love the It's A Hook | First Edition wall hook because it takes something so mundane and overlooked and gives it a fresh new and life with purpose.  Plus, it literally will make you smile every time you use it.  That’s right up my ally.  Why, because it’s a hook features a distinctive smiley face motif that adds a touch of charm to your space. But that's not all – its clever design also ensures that hanging clothing won't be inflicted with unsightly creases.

Now you can keep your wardrobe in check and your daily items easily accessible in a single, stylish spot.

Ben Wintner's Running Gift Guide

Discover the perfect gifts for the fitness enthusiast in your life, curated by our very own CEO, Ben Wintner! He knows the value of perseverance, discipline, and the thrill of reaching new milestones—one stride at a time.

Running Shoes


Nike running shoe


Shoes: Nike Pegasus 38

Running Socks


Nike socks


Bombas Men's Running Calf Socks

"Wintner" Hat


nike beanie


Nike Dri-FIT Terra Uncuffed Beanie

"Wintner" Shirt


Nike 1/4 zip


Nike Therma-FIT Repel Element Men's 1/4-Zip Running Top


"Wintner" Pants


Nike running pants


Nike Phenom Men's Dri-FIT Knit Running Pants

Summer Hat

Nike cap

Nike Dri-FIT Fly Unstructured Swoosh Cap

Summer Shorts


Nike running shorts


Nike Dri-FIT Run Division Stride Men's 5" Brief-Lined Running Shorts

Summer Shirt


Nike running T-Shirt


Nike Rise 365 Men's Dri-FIT Short-Sleeve Running Top

Rob VanVarick's Disc Golf And Design Gift Guide

Gifts For The Disc Golfers!

Perhaps you’ve heard tell of “Frisbee Golf”, a sport where people throw plastic discs around in a golf-like format. Disc Golf has grown rapidly in popularity as an outdoor sport and a hobby. 

Our own Chief Design Officer, Rob, plays year-round in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, while Taylor on our marketing team can be found playing in beautiful Colorado! It is a great activity to do with family, friends, or even alone to step away from the design problem at hand, clear your mind, and refocus. Courses exist across the country and around the world, many of which are free to use.

For beginners, disc golf is a low-cost hobby that challenges your skills and gets you out in nature. To get started you only need a disc or two. As you progress, there are tons of different discs from a variety of manufacturers. They all have different flight characteristics and come in cool colors and with incredible artwork on them.

If you are going to buy one disc, get this mid-range:


green mid range disc


Axiom Hex

If you have more power and want to throw further, get this fairway driver:


orange fairway driver disc


Axiom Insanity

If you want to round out your starter set, get a putter:

blue putter disc

MVP Atom

Gifts For The Artist or Designer In Your Life!

Rob’s favorite drawing pens:

pen pack

Rob’s wife Erica’s favorite pencils (she’s an illustrator):

drawing pencil

Rob’s favorite notebook (with Swiss binding!):


Rob’s favorite sketchbook, a classic:


Procreate! For the digital artist, this is the best app for the iPad and we use it for sketching all the time. It only costs $20 which is truly an incredible value:


Gift Recommendations From The Michael Graves Design Community!

Here are a few gift recommendations from our wonderful Michael Graves Design community!

Megan's Recommendations!

First up we welcome Megan Evans, Empowerment Coach and Founder of The MS Stage. www.themsstage.com

My Meditation Album - The MS Stage Guided Album with Megan M Evans

11 tracks, each less than 10 minutes, to help guide people on a journey to connect with any symptom or issue they are dealing with and learn more about them in order to create a cohesive relationship in mind, body, and spirit.This album empowers the listener to lead a courageous life to creating newness. 

Megan's meditation book

My Favorite Meditation Pillow!

Comfy, machine washable cover, and you can even remove some of the filing to perfect your seat height. What more could you want in a meditation pillow?

I love Doterra Oils for sleep, stress, congestion, cuts, headaches - you name it - they have it. Some of my personal faves, Lavender, Breathe, OnGuard, and Peppermint. 

The incredible device for stroke, MS, and Cerebral Palsy patients. I have one myself and it has improved my walking so much. Sometimes I use it with the Michael Graves foldable cane. They work well together. 

Enjoy $50 off with code: themsstage


neural sleeve

Current Must Read

"You are The Placebo" by Dr. Joe Dispenza 

book cover


Josh's Recommendations!

Josh is a fibers student at the Savannah College of Art and Design and has a delightful eye for art!


record player


Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK

The Audio-Technica LP60X is a great player for those who enjoy collecting vinyls but are still relatively new to the world of record players. Keep in mind it does not have built-in speakers like some suitcase style players, so including bookshelf speakers might be a “sound” idea to round out the gift (I have the Crosley S200A-WA).


Alessi todo grater


Alessi Todo Grater 

The Todo grater not only serves as a great table centerpiece and conversation starter, but also boasts the ability to shred enough cheese for a portion in just one stroke! Those Alessi folks really have the kitchen down to an art. 


rectangle vase


Mondri Vase

Perfect for any modern art lover, this three-in-one vase is as clever as it is unique. 


MGD Kettle Pin


Alessi 9093 Water Kettle Pin by Michael Graves for Acme Studio

I don’t think there is much explanation needed as to why this is a great stocking stuffer. 




Pop Basil Candle

After having this candle for over a year, I still cannot get over how amazing, fresh, and unique it smells. It’s a great fit for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere I suppose. Not to mention there are a plethora of uses for the glass jar when the candle is gone.