Types of Canes: C-Grip Vs. Hook Canes

Marissa sitting in green dress with the black c-grip cane

The Michael Graves Design C-Grip Cane vs. a Hook Cane. What’s the difference?

There are a few things to consider when looking at types of canes. The regular hook cane is known for its ability to attach to your arm or surfaces. This allows for easy reach in a safe and secure manner. We took this concept and innovated it, resulting in our C-Grip Cane. 

So what’s so innovative about our walking aid? 

In a traditional hook cane the hook tends to be uncomfortable because of the tightness of the curve. We spent a lot of time with the geometry of the C-Grip. The C-Grip provides comfort. It is wider and flatter with a lower extension.

The C-Grip is better for all day use and more comfortable! Because of the wider grip and unique C-Grip of the handle, it facilitates “two-handed” standing for double the leverage.

The C-Grip cane proves that people can expect style, safety, and value in the home healthcare category.

The innovative C-Grip is very comfortable and can free up an extra hand in multiple ways:

It rests easily on the side of a surface while you are sitting.

Hanging bags has never been easier with the enlarged C handle. 

Simple Height Adjustment

To set the perfect height for you:

Press and hold the yellow button to easily slide the lower segment in or out of the upper segment.

Helpful 'tip': The right height of your cane will vary if you’re barefoot or dependent on today’s shoes.

Tool Free Tip Removal

Our canes come with two different types of tips depending on your daily use. These tips easily remove, replace, and re-attach without the use of any tools. That’s almost unheard of in the cane world.

Helpful 'tip': To remove, grasp the tip with your hand, or between your feet, and pull firmly and carefully. Voila.

Easy Hang Grip

When you need to do an activity where two hands would be better than one, the C-Grip provides that. It hangs over your arm with ease. When you hang a bag from the lower part of the “C” handle it reduces strain and fatigue. This also allows you the use of your hand again.

*Don’t ever walk with the cane while hanging items*

When placed against a surface just right, the C-Grip will not slide and fall. Makes it convenient to have C-Grip right where you want it to be.

Beautifully Designed

The C-Grip Cane has a highly iconic square pole profile and a sophisticated color palette. This provides a distinct design to navigate the world in just the right way.

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