Quick Fold Vs. Other Folding Canes

Marissa holding half folded, black Quick Fold Cane


"What the difference is between the Michael Graves Design Quick Fold Cane and the other folding canes on the market?" If you're looking for the answer to this question, look no further. In this blog we highlight what makes our folding walking cane different so you can have all the facts.

Why Is Ours Different?

To start, we have the quickest fold in the land. No other cane on the market folds this fast, this easily or stores this neatly together. It even folds in both directions of the handle for unique functionality.


Our unique design contains internal magnets* that keep the Quick Fold cane folded and easily stored. It’s simply magical! 

Simple right height adjustments

To set the perfect height for you:

Press and hold the yellow button to easily slide the lower segment in or out of the upper segment.

A Helpful 'Tip': The right height of your cane will vary if you’re barefoot or dependent on today’s shoes.

Swapping tips

Our walking canes come with two different types of tips depending on your use each day. The cane tips remove, replace, and re-attach with ease and without the use of any tools. That’s almost unheard of in the cane world. 

A Helpful 'Tip': To remove, grasp the tip with your hand, or between your feet, and pull firmly and carefully. Voila.

Free up a hand

The Quick Fold Cane hangs over your arm with ease, for when two hands would be better than one. It hangs from edges and ledges so you can keep it close without it being in the way.

Use the X-Tip when you need the Quick Fold cane can to stand on its own (on smooth level surfaces).

When placed against a surface just right, the Quick Fold cane will not slide and fall. Makes it convenient to have Quick Fold cane right where you want it to be.

Easy on the eyes

Our Quick Fold mobility aid is highly iconic with it's square pole profile and sophisticated color palette. These provide a distinct design to navigate the world in just the right way.

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*This product contains magnets which may interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators, or other medical devices. Maintain a safe distance of separation between your medical device and this product. If you suspect this product is interfering with your medical device, stop using it and contact a medical professional.

 Delight For All with Michael Graves Design

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