Are Folding Canes Safe?

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Walking canes are precious mobility devices to those who need them because they offer exceptional support and stability. But when it comes to choosing the right cane, the most important thing you want is for your cane to be safe and durable. 

If you’ve ever gone cane shopping, then you know there is a wide variety of canes available to choose from, like standard walking canes, canes with four feet, canes with decorative heads, adjustable canes, and folding canes. Of all the different types, only folding canes offer a balance of support and portability, because these canes can be folded into a fraction of their usual size, thus allowing them to be stored in travel bags, briefcases, large purses, in your work desk, or just about anywhere else when they’re not being used.

But since these canes can fold, how does that impact their safety and durability? In this post, you will learn all there is to know about folding canes.

Why Use a Folding Cane?

We live in an age where we are always in motion. Whether we’re going to work, taking the kids or grandkids to the park, going to doctor appointments, museums or sporting events, or visiting friends or family, we rarely stop moving. As a result, we want our belongings to be portable enough to take anywhere and easy to store when travel time is over. A folding cane is the ideal solution for someone who may use a cane sometimes during day who is looking to make their travel a little easier and more lightweight.

It is not uncommon for some people to feel self-conscious about using a cane. We know there is no reason for this as canes are simply a tool to facilitate mobility and let people live fulfilling lives. This is also why we were focused on designing great looking canes that feel like fashion accessories. With a Michael Graves Design cane, the reaction you will get is “oooh where did you get that” as opposed to “aww what happened.” For people who prefer to use their cane inconspicuously, folding canes do allow users to put them away when they’re not in use, and for many, this can be a tremendous benefit. 

Who Are They Made For?

When you look at a standard walking cane, it is a rather long and rigid device that can be cumbersome to take on an airplane, bus, or other means of transportation where space is limited. They also can’t fit in suitcases or travel bags. As a result, folding canes are preferred by those who travel a lot. Whether that travel involves flying from city to city or taking the bus to work every day, having a cane that can fold up into a compact and easy to carry or stow bundle can be a tremendous benefit. 

Folding canes are also worthwhile walking aids for people who sit for extended periods. For these people, their canes do not need to be always at-the-ready. Sitting down and folding the cane allows the user to put their cane safely away, but still have it close by, when they don’t expect to be getting up to walk for some time. 

Lastly, folding canes are really useful for people who may only need a cane sometimes, for instance if walking longer distances or toward the end of the day when fatigue sets in. For people like this, a handy folding cane can be stored in a backpack or handbag and at your disposal when the time strikes. 

Are Foldable Canes Safe and Durable?

Yes! Foldable walking canes are a safe and durable walking aid for people with challenges to their mobility. But, before you pick just any folding cane, there are things you need to consider. Like, what is the cane’s weight capacity? If you are 275 pounds and the folding cane you choose is only rated for 250 pounds, then it is not going to be as safe as you might think it is. In this case, you would need a folding cane with a weight capacity of 300 pounds for it to provide you with dependable and safe support.

Another thing to look for is whether the cane’s height can be adjusted. Height is important when it comes to using a cane properly, so you want to be able to adjust the cane’s height if necessary. Your folding cane also needs to have a comfortable grip and a durable rubber tip, so you can have all the support you need when you need it. To remember how to properly size a walking cane, consult our post 

At Michael Graves Design, our Quick Fold Cane is specially designed to help you maintain your independence and comfort. It folds 75% quicker than most other folding canes on the market and it has internal magnets that keep the folded cane together, so it can be easily stowed away when not in use. It even comes with two different swappable tips, so you can always have the proper tip for your day’s use. And it has a weight capacity for 300 pounds. Shop online today and get the best cane you’ll ever use!

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