When To Use A Walking Cane

In certain situations, a walking cane can be the perfect solution for someone who needs help with their balance or with their general walking capabilities. If you are trying to decide if you or someone you know needs a walking cane, then ask yourself this question: 

Would the additional support provided by a cane help make it safer and easier to get through the day? 

If your answer is yes, then it might be time to start using a cane.

Examples for When to Use a Walking Cane

Here are just a few of the common instances where using a walking cane can help make your life easier and safer.

  • You suffer from instability when walking
  • You have difficulty getting up and down stairs
  • You have pain or weakness in one leg
  • You have limited eyesight, low peripheral vision, or poor depth perception
  • You have a balance disorder that affects your ability to walk
  • You get tired easily when walking

One of your best reasons to use a cane is to reduce your risk of falling or to minimize pain while walking. When sized and used properly, a cane can provide much-needed support and stability and help alleviate pressure on your joints and give your muscles a break. Thus, with a cane, you can be more mobile and experience less pain throughout the day.

What Age Should I Start Using a Cane?

There is no minimum age when you should start to use a cane. People of all ages can have mobility issues that can require them to use a cane either temporarily or permanently. While pregnant recovering from surgery or after major injuries to living with arthritis and general wear and tear on the joints, anybody at any stage in their life can find a cane beneficial.

Simply put, any time that you feel as if you need extra balance, stability, or support while walking, then using a cane will help. If you are worried about falling, or you suffer from pain in the knees or hips after walking, then you should start using a cane to see how it improves your mobility and reduces your pain. Essentially, if you think you need a cane, then it is probably a good time to start using a cane. The biggest mistake people make is starting to use a cane too late, which can lead to falls and severe injuries.


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