Furniture Surfing – Use A Cane Instead!

What Is Furniture Surfing?

Furniture Surfing is the term used to describe moving around the house from furniture to furniture. Meaning using the furniture for added support and stability.

Why Is Furniture Surfing Dangerous?

Furniture Surfing can be dangerous for a myriad of reasons. Unless the furniture is mobility friendly and bolted into the walls this can actually prove to be an unstable way of moving about the house. The instability is what makes it unsafe. Additionally, most furniture is not built for this method of mobility and has the potential to break.

What Alternative Is There?

You may be asking yourself what alternatives are there to furniture surfing? The answer to that is a mobility device, such as a walking cane. At Michael Graves Design we have created innovative personal accessories that reflect your individual style so you can maintain your independence, safety and comfort. Simply better by design. Let’s go into the specifics of our two types of mobility aids.

C-Grip Cane

The C-Grip Cane is designed with mobility in mind. It proves that people can expect style, safety, and value in the home healthcare category. The C-Grip cane is lightweight, height adjusts easily due to a unique square aluminum tube and comes in four great colors. The innovative C-Grip is very comfortable and helps you stand up from a seated position. Additionally, it can free up an extra hand in multiple ways. The specs of the C handle allow for two hands and added support when you need to stand up. Rendering furniture surfing unnecessary!

Quick Fold Cane

The Quick Fold Cane features a simple, innovative fold mechanism that provides easy, fast, and compact folding so you can always keep the Quick Fold cane with you and pull it out just when you need it. The Quick Fold cane is lightweight, height adjusts easily and stores compactly due to a unique square aluminum tube and comes in four great colors. The Quick Fold Grip is very comfortable in your hands and provides enhanced functionality like its ease of hanging from tables or your arm. This cane is perfect to fold up and take around with you so it is always available! Making furniture surfing a thing of the past.

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