Folding Canes for Travel; TSA Friendly

Destination To Mobility

Pictured: Michael Graves Design C-Grip and Quick-Fold Canes

Upon traveling, we are often met with a common question: What should I pack? 

It is especially important to know the answer to this question when you are traveling with an item you cannot leave behind, such as a mobility accessory. Planning ahead and packing properly is crucial when wanting to travel through TSA with ease.

You’ve come to the right place if you are wondering about your Michael Graves Design Quick-Fold or C-Grip Cane and if it’s checkpoint friendly for travel. In this blog we are exploring  just that!

The short answer is yes! TSA will allow a walking cane or walking stick for assistance and mobility, we took it a step further and tested it out.

Our Chief Design Officer, Rob Van Varick, took a trip to Ireland a few months back and brought a C-Grip Cane and a Quick-Fold Cane with him. Airlines can require the walking aid to fit into a carry-on or be carried. Both MGD canes were tested and easily folded to fit in the carry-on and can be nicely stored in the overhead compartment. Rob boarded on time, canes in tow! 

Our Quick-Fold and C-Grip Canes are personal accessories that reflect your individual style so you can maintain your independence, safety and comfort. They come in an assortment of colors too! 

Quick-Fold: slate blue, sage green, shitake mushroom, and peppercorn black 

C-Grip: slate blue, sage green, sunbaked clay, and peppercorn black.

So get your MGD cane now and don’t hesitate to bring it with you on your next trip, in fact we encourage it.