Picking the Cane Handle and Shape for You

When cane shopping some important features to look for are the cane handle and the shape of the base. Most people go into cane shopping knowing what shape, color, etc. they are in search of. What many people don’t realize though is the monumental effect that the cane handle and body shape actually has on the comfortability of your product.

Cane Body

When it comes to the body of the cane many canes opt for the rounded shape. On many of these round canes the handle can rotate, causing you to feel off balance or unsupported. Our canes at Michael Graves Design, both the C-Grip and the Quick Fold, have a square body. This allows the cane to be more stable and prevents twisting.

C-Grip Vs. Hook Cane

Many people ask, “What is the difference between the hook handle and the C-Grip?” The answer is simple. The hook tends to be uncomfortable because of the tightness of the curve. At Michael Graves Design we spent a lot of time with the geometry of the C-Grip. As a result, the C-Grip is built for comfort – It is wider and flatter with a lower extension. The C-Grip is better for all day use and more comfortable!

Now that you know how important the cane handle and body shape are you can go into cane shopping knowing exactly what you are looking for!

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