Can You Use a Dishwasher As A Drying Rack?

Drying Rack

For most American households, the dishwasher is a marvelous time saver. But it’s a large appliance that is designed for just one purpose – cleaning dirty dishes. Of course, this hasn’t stopped many from finding other uses for their dishwasher. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some people to store their clean dishes in their dishwashers instead of their cabinets. Some even take to storing things like their kids’ toys in between uses. 

But one of the most popular alternative uses for the dishwasher is using it as a drying rack. This is especially the case in households where the dishwasher has broken. The dishes are washed by hand and then set in the broken dishwasher to dry. 

While this might seem like an enterprising idea, should you really use a dishwasher as a drying rack?

Use a Dishwasher as a Drying Rack – Only if It Works

It is acceptable to use a dishwasher as a drying rack, but only if the dishwasher is in good working order. The reason is because if the dishwasher isn’t working, then any water that drips off the wet dishes will collect in its base, and this can become a breeding ground for bacteria if it is not drained and sanitized regularly.

If the dishes are hand-washed and placed in a working dishwasher, then the dishwasher can be set to the dry cycle and the heat will sanitize the dishes and dry them more effectively.

Do I Still Need a Drying Rack if I Have a Working Dishwasher

Next to a dishwasher’s heat cycle, the most sanitary way to dry dishes is to allow them to air dry on a drying rack. But over time and thanks to the invention of the dishwasher, drying racks have dipped in popularity. However, that tide is turning. 

Today, more homeowners are rediscovering the benefits of drying racks. For instance, a drying rack costs you nothing to use, whereas a dishwasher consumes a lot of electricity, especially during its heat cycle. A drying rack is also ideal when you only have a few dishes to wash. It can also be used to store rinsed dishes that can be added to the dishwasher later. 

At Michael Graves Design, we have reinvented the classic dish drying rack to make it more elegant and useful than ever. We have a variety of designs and colors to choose from, so finding the right rack to complement your kitchen’s aesthetic is easier than ever. Shop our selection of drying racks today and rediscover the benefits that come from washing your dishes and letting them air dry.

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