Must-Have Essential Bakeware

Whether you’re an avid baker or you prefer to buy your baked goods at the local market, having certain types of essential bakeware in your kitchen is important if you want to be able to enjoy your kitchen to the fullest. 

But why would a non-baker still want bakeware in their cupboard? 

The truth is bakeware can be used for a wide range of cooking purposes that extend well beyond baking cookies, cakes, and cupcakes. For instance, a basic muffin pan is the ideal vessel for creating everything from personal pot pies and mini meat loafs to tasty egg bites.

To help ensure that your kitchen is equipped with everything you need to tackle any dish, here is our list of must-have bakeware in addition to the previously mentioned muffin pan.

Cookie Sheet Pans

Cookie sheet pans come in a range of sizes, so it’s easy to find the right one to fit your lifestyle. And they can be used for so many things in addition to baking cookies and pastries. These thin, wide pans are also fantastic for roasting vegetables and meats, baking or reheating pizza, cooking bacon, and more.

Square Baking Pan

A square baking pan is slightly deeper than a cookie sheet pan, which makes it perfect for thicker dishes like brownies, cakes, mac and cheese, baked eggs, cornbread, lasagna, and more. This pan is an affordable, well-rounded cooking vessel that you won’t want to miss out having.

Loaf Pan

A loaf pan gets its name from its deep walled, rectangular shape and for its most common use, which is baking a loaf of bread. But this pan can also be used to create dishes like meatloaf, pound cake, casseroles, and every type of bread imaginable, including banana bread, apple bread, zucchini bread, and more.

Pizza Pan

Who doesn’t love pizza? But with the rising cost of takeout, being able to make your own pizza at home is fast becoming a rising trend in American households. This makes the pizza pan one of our essential bakeware every kitchen should have. Specially designed to bake pizza to perfection, this pan can also be used to reheat leftover pizza or heat up takeout pizza on those times when the delivery guy shows up late with a cold pie. 

Round Pan

A round pan is what you’ll want to reach for if you’re baking a traditional cake. But it can also be used to make cinnamon buns, casseroles, and a variety of one-pan savory meals.

Equip Your Kitchen with High Quality Essential Bakeware

The beautiful thing about must-have bakeware is that these items are reasonably affordable and designed to last for years with the proper care, cleaning, and storage. Equipping your kitchen with high-quality bakeware from Michael Graves Design won’t break your budget, but it will provide you with endless opportunities for creating delicious dishes from a world of recipes that are only limited by your imagination.


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Textured Non-Stick 10” x 14” Carbon Steel Cookie Sheet, Indigo


Textured Non-Stick 12” x 16” Carbon Steel Cookie Sheet, Indigo


Textured Non-Stick 12” x 18” Carbon Steel Cookie Sheet, Indigo


Textured Non-Stick Carbon Steel Shallow Roaster Pan, Indigo


Textured Non-Stick Carbon Steel Square Pan, Indigo


Textured Non-Stick Round Carbon Steel Pan, Indigo


Textured Non-Stick 6” x 11” Carbon Steel Loaf Pan, Indigo


Textured Non-Stick 5” x 13” Carbon Steel Loaf Pan, Indigo