Must-Have Essential Kitchen Tools

Whether you are moving into your first apartment or planning on organizing your cluttered kitchen, there is one thing that can help you get the most use out of your kitchen space – knowing which essential kitchen tools you really need the most.

In this post, we will look at the most important kitchen tools that every cook should have at their disposal.

Kitchen Essential Tools – Cookware 

There is no shortage of cookware options to choose from no matter where you choose to shop. But not all of the pots and pans you see are essential kitchen tools. Most home cooks can get by just fine by having the following cookware in their kitchen:

  • 10-inch pan: Perfect for everything from frying or scrambling eggs to searing steak. Plus, the nonstick variety is quick and easy to clean.
  • Saucepan: The best pick for creating sauces, boiling frozen produce, or making ramen. A saucepan is a great solution for making a meal-for-one in a single vessel.
  • Stock pot: A stock pot is perfect for making soups, stews, pasta, or homemade chicken stock. It’s not something you will use every day but having one at your disposal for when you need it is a must.
  • Sheet pans: Sheet pans are ideal for baking cookies, roasting vegetables, cooking frozen fries, and for crisping up leftover pizza.

Kitchen Essential Tools: Food Prep

Before you can dig into your delicious homemade meal, you need to prep the ingredients first. There are few must-have tools that will help you accomplish this quick and easy.

  • Chef’s knife: A good quality chef’s knife is a must in any kitchen because this knife is so versatile. Make sure your chef’s knife sports a high-quality blade and a comfortable handle. 
  • Bread knife: The serrated blades on a bread knife make this the best choice for slicing through bread, tomatoes, and vegetables with soft or waxy surfaces.
  • Cutting board: Cutting boards can be made of wood, plastic, or even recycled materials, but the important things is to have one. They help keep your kitchen counters clean and free of damage from knife blades.
  • Tongs: A good set of tongs will make your life easier and keep your fingers safe. This tool is ideal for flipping roasted veggies, lifting a steak of the grill, and for grabbing pasta out of boiling water. 
  • Whisk: If you have ever tried to whisk something using a fork, then you know how hard it is. They make whisks for a reason – they whisk the best. You will thank yourself for having this tool any time you want to make gravy, pancake batter, or icing.
  • Spatulas: You should have at least two spatulas, one that is metal for flipping things like fish, and one that is silicone for folding in egg whites, flipping fried eggs, and scraping thick sauces out of pans.
  • Spider: This tool is exceptional at getting pasta out of boiling water and for removing fried foods out of the deep fryer.

Other must haves include measuring cups and spoons, a can opener, a liquid measuring cup, a microplane, a grater, a peeler, a ladle, a colander, mixing bowls, and an immersion blender.

Quality and Design Matter in Your Essential Kitchen Tools

You need to remember that your kitchen tools will most likely be used several times a week, if not every day. So, you want to ensure that you get the most value out of your investment. When it comes to essential kitchen tools, their quality and design matter. Your tools should be comfortable to use and perform as efficiently as possible. 

At Michael Graves Design, we take that approach with every kitchen tool we create. Our cutlery, kitchen gadgets, and tools not only look beautiful, but they are also designed to make your life in the kitchen easier, safer, and all the more fun.


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